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they were lo○oking for works of t○od ay's China th■at conveyed the f○ab

◆ characters or● authors, I thin■k literature ●helps convin○ce us of our commo◆n humanity," h■e said. "This i●s particularly 〓important ●in a world that use〓

ric of conte■mporary experien●

s language 〓and media increasi○ngly to divide● us and distance ●us from ot〓hers.""Peo●ple who don't read f■oreign litera●tures are ■more likely to● view people of ●other cultures as 〓fundamentally differ○ent and incomprehens●ible. Literature● reminds us 〓that behind walls of■ politics and i■deology th〓ere continue to ■be ordinary peopl○e, flirting ●with each oth◆er, dealing with 〓the deaths of t●heir paren〓ts, stealing ●bicycles, catch●ing a cold, c●ompeting for■ recogniti◆on, or wor●rying that〓 they look too old ○when they see the●mselves in the mirr■or," he said◆."We can relat●e to these t〓hings,

ce in the thriv◆ing

economy."We○ wanted to

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